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'Behold' Vintage Suede Handburned Blazer + Hat

Deadline to Enter January 20, 2024

Enter by securing this one-of-a-kind work of wearable art by CGDesigns. The details of a distant Earth cresting over an unknown planetary surface is burned with such intricacy that it will capture every gaze in the room. The scene has immaculate texture; from the star-studded vastness of space to the graffiti-art style writings of the Creation Story of Genesis Chapter 1 upon Earth's surface. If you're looking for a piece that screams elevated luxury, style and uniqueness - THIS is your piece. Wearable art taken to the next level - CGDesigns style.

Other details to note:
*Satin-lined Vintage Suede in Blue
*Size Small/Medium for Women
*Size Small for Men
*Hidden Poem 'Earthrise' scripted on the inner left lapel of the blazer
*Hidden Michelangelo's God and Adam hands etched on the inner right lapel


Choose between a $10 (1 Entry for blazer), $20 (2 Entries for hat and blazer), or $50 (10 Entries for highest chances) to be entered to win one (or two) beautiful pieces of wearable art. Please click thru the photo thumbnails for details and size. This premium custom piece is valued at $400+. Winner will be notified via email and social media tag.

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Thanks for entering!

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