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Who are these Badassadors?

And what exactly IS a Badassador?

CGDesigns has been so blessed with amazing customers who have shown and shared the love of their new purchases via social media...Without even being asked! It has been such a treat to have this support, so we thought it was time to treat these loyal customers back!

Enter the Badassador (sounded cooler than Ambassador, heh) Program. This elective program gives these women a chance to share their love of CGDesigns all while earning bonuses and kickbacks (yes, real cash money) back in their pockets. I chose these women based off of their long-time support and understanding of the CGDesigns brand. We wanted a solid group of female representatives that truly embodied the aesthetic and spirit of fresh, affordable, wearable art!

And if you yourself, are thinking "Hey, I'd love this opportunity!," please reach out to us and we'll keep you in mind for the next application period. For this first application period, we wanted to keep the number small to be able to better control this very new territory as a small business owner. As CGDesigns grows, so will these opportunities, so if you weren't selected with this first go around, please know we appreciate you and have your submission on reserve for the next go around!

So without further ado, meet the first ever Badassador Team! You will be seeing their faces quite frequently on CGDesigns social media platforms.


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