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Not Your Average Hat Release, Y'all

So, if you haven't heard, CGDesigns is expanding the #wearcgdesigns product line with hand burned and painted wide-brimmed felt hats.

Yeah, really. Just like my earring art, but with big beautiful, bohemian hats.

And. I. Am. Here. For. It. Are you?

I've already had handfuls of you reach out to me wanting to be the first to claim a certain style/color and I haven't even released the 10 of them yet! This tells me you are here for it and that I need to make this release fair and square for all those interested in snagging a hat. And, also a bit, I came up with an exciting way for ONE lucky shopper to get early dibs on ONE hat of their choice at the day of the release.

Here's how it will work:

-The first week in May, 48 hours before the release, I will be creating a hat post in Instagram and Facebook that I ask you to share to your stories or repost (be sure to clearly tag me so I can see it) and that enters your name in the pot.

- 24 hours after the post goes live, I will count all the names/shares and randomly select ONE lucky shopper to gain access to the hat launch ONE hour before the hat drop goes live to the public.

-**This lucky person can only purchase ONE hat during this hour. If multiple hats are desired by this shopper, they will have to wait to purchase when the remaining 9 hats go live to the public.**

-**Bonus** Comment on this blog post to gain 2 extra entries in this early-bird access opportunity.

It's been a long-time dream of mine to expand this wearable art thing I've claimed under CGDesigns, and now it's becoming a reality. I cannot begin to tell you how flippin' excited (albeit nervous) this all makes me. It gets me over-the-moon that you all are just as excited as I am in this new endeavor. Get ready for some hats like you've never seen, y'all!

*P.S. Don't forget to be on the lookout for sneak peeks and the first dibs opportunity!*

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