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Meet my new BFF

It's time, y'all. I'm closing in on a long time goal of mine. More accurately, it is the first goal I set out to achieve when I planned out my business.

Here it is:

To be the SOLE provider and creator of EVERY good that comes out of my shop.

At the present time, about 80% of my work comes directly from my shop. I currently work with 'middle-men' (wood suppliers) to get you the most trendy, up-to-my-standards, premium wood cuts on the market. It's quite the process to scourge the market and find the right fit for my creative brain, and quite honestly a process that I am ready to retire.

I have so many exciting ideas that those suppliers cannot bring to life, so I'm ready to tackle that goal that I first set out to do. From brain-child, to concept, to design, to execution, to final product - I want to be in complete control (and I should be, right?! - this, after all, is MY business!) I don't want to feel limited any longer. I want to bring you 100% me in everything I do.

Here's where my big solution and announcement comes in:

CGDesigns will be purchasing a brand spankin' new Glowforge this spring! Glowforge is a state of the line 3D laser printer where I can design out all my ideas and crank them all out for you in house! Imagine: more unique earring art, more stellar wood spinners, more wood planters in half the time. Y'all, I can't begin to tell you how excited this gets me. My career background is in Architectural Design so the idea that I get to put my skills as a CAD operator to use on this new device is so dang thrilling for me! I have the feeling the turn-around is going to really support my shop in ways that is going to be beneficial to both you and me. It's going to revolutionize my business in really big ways. I cannot wait to share with you all my new ideas.

*Disclaimer* To be clear, I am NOT giving up wood burning. Never. This step in my business will just allow me to provide the wood cut designs that MY brain comes up with. The Glowforge will be like my BFF in my wood burning business. We will work in tandem.

Now, to expedite this goal of mine, here's where you can help:

If you in any way, love, support, share, feel joy, or simply admire my work, keep doing so! Keep sharing with your friends! Keep getting those #wearcgdesigns earrings you love, keep purchasing the Earring of the Month boxes, keep showing up and showing the love. The more you get the word out about CGDesigns, the closer I get to sharing this really big goal of mine with you.

Eeek! SO tell me, how excited does this get you? What creative thing would you like to see CGDesigns tackle with her new BFF?

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