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I need to tell you what happened.

When I started this music sharing back in the fall of 2021, I promised to keep up with it every month and then...

What happened?

...Some shit happened. I moved into a new home with no moving help, I had a really hard fourth quarter (mentally, emotionally and probably a little bit of physical as well). I had zero desire to make new art, hated the social media dog and pony show, and even contemplated hanging up the proverbial hat and close up shop for good. *gasp* Ya'll, I was burnt tf out!

BUT. That all changed when 2022 rounded the corner. I made some changes within my business, set boundaries, took some great advice and made a vow to myself to just HAVE FUN in the year of 2022 because, dammit, I deserved it! Did you know I've had CGDesigns in operation for nearly 5 years this coming May? And did you also know that every single bit of the work is done solely by one person with only 2 hands? Yep, these two hands that also decided to write this blog post while some laser prints are running, update a little of the website, and print some shipping labels in between those tasks.

Listen, I had no idea how much work went into running a small business, and honestly, I just kept choo-choo-ing forward because I didn't know how else to I am first and foremost a Mom. Then came the Artist. And now BUSINESS OWNER? Like, a legit one with taxes to report and all?!? And honestly, that list of importance I just typed up got waaaaaay out of order in 2020-2021. I think we all got a bit out of order in those years if we are completely honest with ourselves. Le sigh.

So, changes have been made, and I'm all the better for it. I sincerely apologize for the inconsistencies and for some unfulfilled promises. I had some work to do within myself and that's all I have to say about that. Thank you for sticking around and for always giving me grace.

Now, here's a brand new music playlist with sounds that keep me feeling pretty dang awesome and helped pull me all the way UP.

Give it a heart or a like if you Enjoy as much as I do!



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