Yes, friend. Clicking that button to get here already tells me that you ARE just the type of person I want to keep around. Please fill out the form below and put your best foot forward. Being a 'Badass'ador comes with some serious perks.

The chosen candidates will receive:

*Rewards in shop credits and/or payouts
*Special affiliate discounts to share with your favorite people
*Branded photoshoot opportunities *if local*
*Special CGDesigns 'Welcome Kit' swag
*And all around good fun!

I'll be eagerly checking my inbox for your submission. I can't wait to hear more about you. Applications open thru June 30th.

Tell me more about your bad (good) self!


What's a

Hey you, I've seen you sharing your love of CGDesigns with friends and family, posting your favorite new accessory on social media and cheerfully unboxing your monthly subscriptions. I think it's now time to reward the most die-hard CGDesigns team with some extra special benefits and paybacks thru my 'Badass'ador program.

I'm not looking for an enormous follow count or anything extreme. The perfect candidate will be someone who values beautifully handmade accessories, understands the mission behind CGDesigns and wants to earn some easy freebies and credits along the way.

Applications now open for a team of badass brand ambassadors that love the trendiest, most unique, most coveted wearable art.

If this sounds like you, click the link below!


Applications are now closed. Next submission date will be announced soon.